And we have a guest for this edition of our Mood-Booster playlist bebes

Come for the bops, then stay for the beginner adult dance lessons that teach you how to move to the tunes.

If you live on the Northern Rivers, then you’d definitely look out for @intheflowers_ on any party poster line-up.

Their bops are nuanced, multi-layered, vibey and designed to get you in the feels and in the body.

They’re also my good friends, who have patiently spent hours teaching me to DJ. It’s not my strength but I appreciate their belief in me.

Recently we caught up in Berlin and chatted all things music, dance floors and mental health.

It was such a buzzy convo that I found myself launching into an embarrassing pitch about Groove Therapy mood-booster playlists and how it would be great if they, you know – if it wasn’t too much trouble – but all good if not, would be open to maybe, one day, uhhh making a playlist for us.

Turns out the pithy pandering was not needed, because these two eat rainbows for breakfast and, consequentially, happen to be the biggest frothers and YES people ever.

So here it is babies, a killer mood-booster playlist to get your heart pounding, your neurones firing and your soul soaring.

OH! And while you’re at it, go follow @intheflowers_

Mad love.

Vanessa xx

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