Class goes a little something like this:

x Groove warm-ups
x Juicy stretches
x Fun coordination drills
x Party dances (think running man)
x Combining it all into a routine
x Leave, charged on life


All classes will be strictly capped & adhering to Covid-19 safety guidelines. If you are not eligible to attend a dance class in accordance with current Government vaccine mandates, please join us via a Zoom class or check out our online courses!

You MUST book online via the schedule above. We will not accept walk-ins or door payments.

Cancellation policy

Due to capped class sizes, we won’t be refunding or transferring bookings under any circumstances for classes canceled with less than 6 hours notice. 

You must cancel the class yourself before the 6 hour notice. simply go to your confirmation email and scroll to the bottom, where there should be a green button allowing you to reschedule your class (if outside of the 6 hour window before class).

We know we are a little tight-knit family, but please do not DM, text or ask teachers for exemptions. Also, we do not necessarily see emails/DMs request cancellations in time so the responsibility is on you to cancel within the 6 hour window.