Groove Therapy is coming to Canberra

Clear your calendars babies.  On May 12, for one night only, Sydney therapists Vanessa Marian and Amy Zhang are bringing Groove Therapy to beautiful Canberra for 75 mins of street dance in the usual no mirrors, judgement free format. 

This is the movement experience for anyone who has ever felt like they’ve missed the boat on a dance class but felt too intimidated to walk into a studio. We are bringing you a night of practical dance-floor moves and legit hip hop technique to thumping bass and dimmed lights.

Go on baby, join us.

Location: Ralph Wilson Theatre at Gorman Arts Centre
Date: May 12
Time: 6:45pm – 8pm
Cost: $25.00
Booking link:

Vanessa Marian
Training across New York, Paris, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Brazil and regional Australia, Vanessa is particularly fascinated with street dance and the way it is born outside of the dance studio context, often by an oppressed people in reaction to political and socio-economic turmoil. in 2016 Vanessa founded Groove Therapy, aimed at making dance accessible to all walks of life. The program has brought dance to at-risk youth, Indigenous communities, dementia sufferers, refugee girls and the every-day person, using the political and healing foundations that these street dance styles are built upon and mindfully appropriating it in new communities to help spark global conversation and cultural understanding.

Upon founding Groove Therapy, Vanessa has been named as one of Westpac’s ‘Unstoppable Millennials’, winning a grant to further pursue her dreams and implement more community-based projects. She is also one of the six 2016/17 artists to be placed in the City of Sydney Creative Live/Work Space residencies where she has worked with mentors to build on the business side of Groove Therapy. 

Since launching in 2016, Groove Therapy has gone on to feature in documentaries, facilitate workshops and choreograph for the likes of MTV, Vice, Frankie Magazine, Oyster Magazine and commercials for Samsung, Nike, ASOS and Mercedes Benz Fashion week. 

Amy Zhang
Amy Zhang is an Australian-born dancer who has completely immersed herself in the global street dance scene by working, teaching, choreographing and performing both nationally and internationally.

Amy moved to Sydney to train under Brent Street’s full time course and caught the eye of many, gaining roles as a feature dancer for the likes of Nike and Paces. She toured through L.A with Bust a Move Dance Company, performing at the Special Olympics World Games and the annual Dizzy Feet Gala.

She is known in Sydney for her versatility, rocking her groove when she jumps into hip hop and other street styles whilst also being trained in ballet, contemporary and jazz styles. Amy’s extensive dance vocabulary is no accident, as she has been mentored by and performed for some of the biggest international choreographers, including Dana Foglia and Rob Rich.

Despite all of this, Amy just wants you to fall in love with dance as much as she has, because it’s not about the skill set if you’re not having fun!

Image: Jenn Poon

Groove Therapy Playlist #2

Groove Therapy Playlist #2

We’re back with another Groove Lab playlist instalment, once again curated by a friend of the Groove, Clarence Kent, who is currently based in L.A representing Australia by making waves as a formidable and one-of a kind freestyler. On that note, Clarence just gets it you know? When we dance from a place of needing to express ourselves, it’s important that we constantly have a fresh selection of good music to keep us inspired.

We know that you’re dying for new tracks to practise your new sweet moves to so without further ado, here is another Groove Therapy playlist.

Kinda killing it in your bedroom? If you’re brave enough, record yourself and tag us on instagram @groovetherapy_101 with the hashtag #groovelab

Keen to come to class and try a beginner adult dance class? We have classes in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney all waiting for you. Book online because we don’t do door sales!

Muchos love and happy dancing guys!


GT Has Landed in Byron

FRIDAYS 6PM – 7PM starting July 28th. Pencil it in Byron Baes.

Groove Therapy is the hip hop dance class space that takes the scene out the dance world and focuses back on community. We are a no mirrors, dim lights, loud beats kinda vibe.

Groove Therapy was born out of one too many conversations with people who wished they could dance but were convinced that they had missed the boat on taking a dance class. People found dance studios intimidating. They didn’t need another social situation to make them feel awkward about their rhythm.

Groove Therapy Beginner classes are judgement free. It’s a community not a scene. There’s no mirror, we dim the lights. We don’t make you perform for anyone. It’s completely unpretentious.

Get around it babies.

Launching July 28
6:00pm – 7:00pm
Encounter Byron
1 Acacia St. Byron Bay NSW 2481
$20 for a casual pass and all available to book online here

Feature image by Daniel Lidmila


Ok so now that the Gold Coast Launch party went off we want you to tell your friends that there isn’t anything to be scared of.
To help you convince the crew we are letting you bring a friend for free when you buy a pass for the month of July. Yep buy one pass and bring a mate along for $0 (if they’re a good friend you guys will split the difference but either way we won’t judge)

Every Monday
South Community Centre
$20 casual pass
$20 for buy 1 + bring a friend for FREE

From Brissy? Boo we got you too.
Our Launch party is this Monday July 10 for $20 BUT for the 4 weeks afterwards we are doing the bring a friend for free deal

Launch Party x Universal Store

Latvian Hall, Woolloongabba
July 10

Weekly Brissy Classes
Latvian Hall, Woolloongabba
Every Monday

So Our Universal Shoot was Vlogged…

Have y’all checked out Ab’s vlog ‘Life Of a Dancer’? This is some funny stuff man. Ab is a legend and he graced us with his presence and mad skills for our Universal Shoot and decided to vlog the whole day. Check it out here:

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.00.37 am.png

ALSO, y’all should come to our Queensland launch parties, get amongst a solid beginner hip hop dance class for adults (nope, it’s not too late):

Gold Coast official launch party
July 3rd 2017
@ 6:00pm
Southport Community Centre, Southport


Brisbane official launch party
July 10th 2017
@ 6:30pm
Latvian Hall, Woolloongabba

More deets on our beginner classes



Groove Therapy is launching in Queensland

Groove Therapy have been running sell-out adult dance classes in Sydney and Melbourne and now the gang are bringing the grooves to Queensland, launching in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Held at Latvian Hall (Brisbane) and Southport Community Centre (GC), you’ll spend 60-minutes learning dance floor moves whilst a live DJ spins tunes. Yeah bebs, TWO PARTIES. Also the whole damn thing is on partnership with our friends Universal Store. Sah dope. Check the deets:

Gold Coast Weekly Classes
Every Monday
@ 6:00pm
Southport Community Centre, Southport
JULY DEAL: Buy 1 + Bring a friend for FREE



Brisbane official launch party
July 10th 2017
@ 6:30pm
Latvian Hall, Woolloongabba


To celebrate this exciting partnership, Universal Store and Groove Therapy have created a content piece to highlight Groove Therapy’s history, discuss the Queensland launch and basically show off some rad threads and dancing in one hit. Enjoy bebes but most importantly, BOOK YOUR SPOT.


Groove Therapist for Gold Coast, Ben Garcia. 


Groove Therapist for Brisbane, Wanida Serce.


Groove Therapy is Launching in Brisbane

Groove Therapy is teaming up with Universal Store to bring the no-mirror, dim lights, safe space beginner dance class vibes to Brisbane and we’re celebrating with a big ol’ party.

Complete with a DJ to spin tunes and Brisbane’s fiercest power mamma dancer Wanida Serce, we’re holding  the most fun introduction to legit hip hop grooves for your next dance floor encounter.

This is the dance class for everyone who has always admired dancers but felt too scared to walk into a dance studio.

When: July 10
Time: 6:30pm
Where: Latvian Hall, Wooloongabba
Cost: $20
For tix before they sell out BOOK HERE

Feature Image by Sam Wong

Meet the Fam (Team) behind Groove Therapy

In February 2016, I hired a local community space and told people I was going to run a beginner adult dance class with no mirrors and dim lights. I never expected the response that I got. In just over a year the business has geared up to expand to six different locations with six different Groove Therapists, but the overarching premise for all of it is keeping the authenticity. We do this at Groove Therapy by keeping with the local community vibes and expanding the fam with a legendary team who don’t take themselves too seriously. We asked bboy and all time fav photographer Sam Wong to capture the vibes. Here’s a run down of who we are.
Watch the video:

Amy Zhang
Aside from being a make-up artist, professional dancer, velvet tracksuit enthusiast and Groove Therapist for our community programs, Amy Zhang is also our producer and the reason for keeping me sane when there are venues to book, promotions to launch, itineraries to write and Instagram cat videos to stalk. It’s never too serious with Amy around and every comment is tinted with bitter sarcasm followed by a fit of convulsive giggles. Her dry humour and honesty is refreshing and her caring side shows where it matters, through her actions.


Hena Memishi
When I first sat down with Hena to talk all things dance she paused to think before answering me. Her ethos, she said, was to contribute to society as a social worker through dance. It absolutely blew me away to see someone so beautiful, talented, passionate and knowledgable about legit street dance wanting something so far from shining a spotlight on herself. This is how I knew that she had to teach for Groove Therapy.

Rachell Dade
Rachell Dade is sunshine personified. Her warmth and bubbly nature is kindled within to create a radiance that beams outwards from every pore of her skin. When asked about what she wanted to facilitate as a teacher at Groove Therapy she replied “I want women and girls to value their minds and the importance of contributing to society just as much as their aesthetic. Being skinny and fit is cool but the exterior body is constantly changing, so if we focus solely on this then our joy and completion of self is going to be so unstable. So what’s actually going to make you happy?” Enough said.
0Y3A9940 as Smart Object-1 copy (1).jpg

Wanida Serce
When asked about the dance industry Wanida is not about complaining but instead embodying and actioning the change that she wants to see. Walking away from industry standards on what a dancer should look like, Wanida produces, directs and curates her own shows, hiring dancers based on their talent before looks. She has found that perfect balance between feminine boss lady, fierce nuturer and kick ass dancer (who casually win battles against all the boys). You’ll never really know what you’re going to get in class because her movement knowledge and vocabulary is so diverse but you know you’ll enjoy it.
0Y3A9503 as Smart Object-1 copy

Ben Bucho Garcia
When I first met Ben I was struck by how simultaneously endearing and punkass he was. I’d describe him as this cheeky bugger who has been brought up right by his family you know? Think mad breaking sets that end with his tongue out and a casual crotch grab towards his opponent in battle before he goes over and graciously shakes their hand. He’ll take the piss but always open doors or offers his seat to others. It makes you laugh and ‘awww’ at the same time.
Ben is the classroom facilitator that will leave you smiling, period. Class is a good time but also riddled with fundamentals and knowledge. The kid can dance and he knows his shit too.
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Vanessa Marian
That’s my name don’t wear it out. As you can see I’m a child of the 80s and painfully lame but insistent on cracking jokes. I’ve decided to go full boss lady and step away from teaching a regular class to hold more pop-up events. The free time let’s me hone in on researching and writing dance programs for marginalised community groups and also allows me to sit on my swivel chair in the office and make company director decisions. My dream for this company is to build a community, not a scene and I hope you fall in love with these facilitators as much as I have.

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Want to try some Groove Therapy vibes with us? Book via this link

Groove Therapy is launching on the Gold Coast

We’re partnering with Universal Store to throw you a big ass party

We heard your requests and we listened: our beginner adult hip hop classes are coming to two locations across Queensland and we’re starting with the Gold Coast launch party on July 3 at Southport Community Centre. 

In the usual format, we are going anti-dance class vibes with no mirrors and dim lights to bring your the 101 on street dance with all-round legend and epic dancer Ben Garcia. To make it that little bit extra special though we’re accompanying your beginner groove sessions with a live DJ who will play all them boss beats that you love to crank in your bedroom.

Where: South Port Community Centre
Date: July 3
When: 6:00pm
Cost: $20

All bookings are online with no door sales so make sure you get in quick.

Read more about our beginner classes

Feature Image by Sam Wong

Groove Lab Playlist

We get countless requests for our playlists at the end of our beginners hip hop & street dance classes. We’ve finally decided to act on it.

Groove Lab is our new playlist and mixtape series made for you guys for the purpose of labbing. What does that even mean? Well in colloquial  terms it basically means ‘practising your dance moves’ and urban dictionary confirms this, so we’re 100% dropping knowledge from the streets right now you guys. So legit.

Anyways that was a mad digression. Clarence Durt Kent is one of Australia’s best freestylers and the godfather of labbing so it only seemed natural that we ask him to curate a playlist for us…errr I mean you.

If you’re a dancer (professionals + professionals at heart) have a lab, record it and tag us on instagram @groovetherapy_101 with the hashtag #groovelab <3 If that sounds like the worst idea ever for your self-confidence then feel free to follow the boss dancers who are brave enough to post on #groovelab

Muchos love and thanks to ya

Online Instructionals #2

Ok ok we are so sorry! We’re going to start getting this on a more consistent roll. Don’t stress it’s here though. Instructional #2

So this instructional is called the Reject but it’s going to do the complete opposite for you once you master it we promise. This move falls under the street style Jerkin’ which is a footwork-based dance move. Dancing is so awkward to explain via text. The movement started making waves on the West Coast around 2009 before spreading to the East and of course spreading globally thanks to the internet. It’s common to see dancers rocking skinny jeans and rejecting the baggy pants. Ah see it all coming together now?
To any hip hop nerds, no this isn’t typical jerkin’ music that we’ve edited the instructional to but we’re just keen on a quality track and Goldlink is on repeat at the office, so yeah.

We could keep trying to describe it all by typing out the instructions but let’s not get to that. Also if you’re at home having a brain melt over these videos please remember that these instructionals serve as a recap on some of the stuff we’ve learnt in class, not as entire and detailed explanations of a move. If you want that then you gotta holla and come to class. Until then let’s just sit back and watch.

Like what you see? Yo, come to class and join us!