Your fav beginner adult dance class.

Dance class for people who think they can’t dance.

Our beginner adult dance classes across Sydney, Melbourne, Byron, Zoom and even our online courses are judgement free. It’s a community not a scene. There’s no mirror, we dim the lights. We don’t make you perform for anyone. It’s completely unpretentious.

Oh man I left class feeling more energized than when I walked in and I actually look forward to the next sessions. And this is coming from someone who has social anxiety. It’s brilliant, I wish I did it sooner! 

Alexia Y


Groove Therapy was born out of one too many conversations with people who wished they could dance but were convinced that they had missed the boat on taking a dance class. People found dance studios intimidating. They didn’t need another social situation to make them feel awkward about their rhythm.

“I was diagnosed with depression at the beginning of this year. Happy New Year, right?
Anyway…to have something each week that I do by myself, for myself, using my body and not my head, with the main purpose of having FUN, has brought me so much closer to a mental space where I feel I’m me again.
I’ve noticed such a big change in myself since starting. Honestly Groove Therapy has healed me.”

Meg R, Sydney

And if this wasn’t epic enough. We also have a beginner adult dance class series via an online platform.

According to scientists, dance is the most superior form of exercise for it’s overall mental and physical wellbeing benefits.

We are Groove Therapy, the dance organisation that is most well known for our sell-out beginner adult dance class series across Australia and now we have launched our most recent project – an online dance platform.

Why dance?
According to science, dance is the most superior form of exercise for boosting your overall mental, physical and cognitive wellbeing. It’s cardio, endorphins, self-expression and human connection via our community.

With loads of requests for classes across the globe, we decided to deliver with the recent launch of our online dance course series, so you can do web tutorials on your own time and in your own space – with the ability to pause, rewind and replay videos.

Groove Therapy mainly offers hip hop and street dance beginner classes for that person who has always wanted to try a dance class but perhaps feels too intimidated/old/uncoordinated/curvy to step into a traditional dance studio.

Our weekly beginner adult dance classes across Melbourne, Sydney and Byron are a dim lights, no mirror and judgement-free space that equips you with practical and legit skills for your next dance floor encounter.

Don’t live in Sydney, Melbourne or Byron? Check out our Online Dance Class Series.

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How Does The Weekly Class Work?

Our beginner adult dance classes run across Sydney and Melbourne. They follow a simple format: warm up with some grooves, stretch it out a little, learn some party dances and then have a solid dance by stringing together what you’ve learnt in a little combo.  All the stuff you learn in class can be used on the dance floor, in your bedroom, whilst waiting for your kettle to boil, at the bus stop and in most shopping aisles. Practical life skills guys.

How Does The Online Course Work?

The online course is a combination of video tutorials, bonus playlists to practise to (so you don’t get bored) and extra written resources and inspo links.

You can pause, rewind and replay videos at different speeds so that dance class is truly on your own terms. Go check out the online dance course in more detail here.

How We’re Different

The premise for our success? We decided to create beginner dance classes for adults, but more specifically, for the kind of people who are scared of dance class. We did this by taking away the scene and championing community vibes instead. You’re not walking into an intimidating dance studio, but a local community centre, abandoned warehouse or forgotten arts space that we pump some loud music through before launching into legit hip hop and global street styles. Also you’ll laugh. A lot. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we teach you how to laugh at yourself (and at us, we’re dorks).

We Don’t Culturally Appropriate Street Dance

This is a proper hip hop and street dance class. This part is important to us. Whilst we see so many dance classes out there for beginner adults, we wanted to offer something that was grounded in proper hip hop and street style training, not another fitness gimmick. When you take class with us you’re learning about the foundations of street dance styles that were born out of minority groups from streets across the world, from old school party dances to Afrobeat. From true Jamaican dancehall to core groove fundamentals. The list goes on. We don’t just give you a dance class but a contextual dance education. You get to learn the way a proper dancer would learn but in an accessible beginners context. Ya feel?

How Does the Class Format Work?

Our beginner dance classes follow a simple format. Warm up with some grooves, stretch it out a little, learn some party dances and then have a solid dance by stringing together what you’ve learnt in a little combo.  All the stuff you learn in class can be used on the dance floor, in your bedroom, whilst waiting for your kettle to boil, at the bus stop and in most shopping aisles. Practical life skills guys.

Still nervous? Yo, check out our online dance classes that break down basic grooves and party dances to get an idea of the kind of stuff we cover in dance class. Just keep in mind that we cover those moves far more thoroughly in real life (*hint* come to a real dance class). Also make sure you subscribe to our newsletter (scroll to the bottom of the page) for music playlists, instructional videos and exclusive discounts and offers.


It turns out that we’re not just a bunch of pretty faces. We are also an agency. A global network of professional dancers, performance artists, choreographers and instructors that have worked for the biggest brands and artists across the world. You can hire us to do what we do best if you ask nicely. Groove Therapy has always championed the most underground and undiscovered street dancers in the world, representing diverse styles of movement and championing individuality with content that people had never seen before. Before we knew it, we gained traction across Australia as the go-to dance agency, piquing the attention of the biggest global brands.

In the short time that we have been around we have performed, facilitated workshops, choreographed and danced for the likes of Nike, G-Star RAW, Samsung, MTV, Vice, TedXSydney, Vodafone, Westpac, Universal Store and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

We could keep talking but the proof is in the pudding really, so here’s a highlight reel of some of our favourite professional dance and performance art gigs.

We get it, dance studios can feel intimidating.

But with Groove Therapy it’s not about how good you look, it’s about getting out of your head and back into your body. Join us for a boogie.