We aim to make dance accessible to all walks of life – how? By running our no mirrors, dim lights weekly adult dance classes for the every day person and funnelling the profits from this into our community outreach dance projects.  So yes, you are legit doing a good deed for humanity by taking class with us.

We are Groove Therapy, the street dance organisation that is most well known for our sell-out beginner adult dance classes across Australia. We offer hip hop and street dance beginner classes for that person who has always wanted to try a dance class but perhaps feels too intimidated/old/uncoordinated/curvy to step into a studio. This is a dim lights, no mirror and judgement-free space for adults that equips you with practical and legit skills for your next dance floor encounter.

Check out our schedule for a beginner adult dance class near you and book online (because we don’t do door sales bebe).