So what exactly is Groove Therapy all about?

We have four main divisions; online courses, beginner dance classes, agency and community projects.

Online Dance Classes

We’ve created a series of online dance courses that allow you to pause, rewind and replay lessons. Learn at your own pace, in your own space, on your own terms. These are online dance courses made specifically for people who thought it was too late to start learning.

Level up, learn how to dance, foster that mind-body connection and gain some serious dance floor skills. Also wearing pants is optional. Learn more here.

Beginner Adult Dance Class Series

Our beginner adult dance classes started in Sydney before exploding on the internet, with people tagging us with requests to start classes as far as New York City (we’re coming fam, sit tight). Currently we hold our signature beginner dance classes for adults across Byron Bay, Sydney and Melbourne. Each class follows the same premise – non-dance studio vibes, with dim lights, no mirrors and a community feel. Check the schedule and book online  (because we don’t do door sales).

Dance and Performance Agency

We grooved hard and we championed our vision to make the undeniable mental and health benefits accessible to all walks of life. Well turns out people started noticing it and began to hire us for it. In the short time that we’ve been around we’ve done a fair bit. We’ve danced, choreographed and movement directed TV commercials, international music videos and collaborated with the biggest global brands.

We were dancing with purpose and the world was noticing.
We currently offer a range of dance, teaching and performance-related services outside of the classroom. Get in touch with us to facilitate a dance workshop or collaborate with your brand. agency@groovetherapy101.com

Community Program Series

Our beginner adult dance classes across Sydney and Melbourne run for one very important reason – to foster mental wellness. As dancers, we know that belonging to a community, relying on a consistent activity each week (no matter how hectic the rest of your week is being), pumping yourself with endorphins from exercise and just having a dance when the week gets stressful is beneficial on both a physical and psychological level.

At Groove Therapy we recognise this and our mission is to make this joy from dance accessible to all walks of life. We are currently legitimising all this by working with mental wellness and medical industry professionals to formally write up our dementia dance program, where we tap into long term memory with old music and use this to connect with patients.

Other programs we’ve trialled (though they run sporadically and not regularly yet) include Groove Rising, a dance class for young refugee girls and a series of classes for at-risk and displaced youth.

If you work for a community organisation that would love to have a Groove Therapist teach a dance class then contact us! We’re especially keen to collaborate on programs that evaluate the effectiveness of our classes on attendees as we gear up to collect happiness data on our classes.