Party Dances

A party is dance is exactly what it sounds like, a dance move that you whip out at a party. These social dances are a foundation of hip hop culture, born within the party context where moves go viral and are used as a means for either dominating a dance floor with your own style or a means for interacting with each other through a shared movement vocabulary (think about the togetherness you feel whenever y’all whip out a Macarena together and then replace the Macarena with a move that has a little more style).

Some of the iconic party dances that you might already know (and you’re keen to perfect obviously) in our classes include the Running Man, the Cabbage Patch, the Bart Simpson and the Bus Stop. The new wave hip hop movement now uses this party dance concept to go viral on the internet via social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram.

What We Cover In Our Beginner Dance Class for Adults

Our weekly absolute beginner street dance class heavily covers beginner party dances. We begin with a grooves warm up and stretch before launching into learning a series of party dances. Think the running man, moonwalk and the Bart Simpson. From there we pull it all together into a mini-combo.

Our intermediate-beginner classes are recommended for our regulars or people who have some dance background, as it covers more nuance, speed, agility and training without going over the 101 basics that we cover in an absolute beginner class.

Our Online Party Dance Courses

Want to really nail the party dances before your cousin’s wedding in a month? Why not practise daily at home via our web tutorial series? Out online course on Party Dances covers a bunch of different moves and even teaches you how to pull it together into an original choreography.

Check out our online party dances course here.