Beginner adult dance class in Sydney.

What do I wear to a dance class?

Whatever you like as long as you’re comfortable. We personally prefer street gear, like track pants, baggy tees and sneakers at our Sydney beginner dance class. But it’s not a fashion show so don’t worry about being judged for your style, just do you.

We only ask that you avoid open sandals, thongs/flip flops and bare feet, from a health and safety perspective.

What kind of dance styles do we learn at Groove Therapy?

Groove Therapy’s Sydney beginner adult dance classes cover a range of street dance styles. So think hip hop, house, dancehall and afrobeat.

Also, keep in mind each of our teachers has training in a slightly different street style so you’ll always get a variation each week. Some teachers love their Jamaican/Afro influence, whilst others go with New York-based styles that have evolved from hip hop culture.

I have ZERO dance experience and am the most uncoordinated dancer ever. Am I doomed?

Yes. KIDDING. Stop stressing. Everyone we meet tells us that they are set to be the worst dancer we have ever taught. It’s not really about dance abilities, it’s about learning not to take yourself so seriously and having fun.

Am I too old to start dance class?

Our demographic for the Sydney beginner adult dance class series is generally aged 20-40. This isn’t necessarily because people above this limit are too old, but more because the older age group isn’t as keen on hip hop music/dancing. Also there’s lots of jumping, so just be aware if your knee caps are precious. All adult ages are welcome but keep in mind the style of music and dancing that we’re teaching.

Can I bring kids to the Sydney beginner dance classes?

Nope. Our beginner adult dance class is for peeps aged 18 and over. When we teach children we are required to have special Working With Children Checks and ethically, it’s poor form to play explicit music and teach children how to body roll.

Whilst you may be completely fine with your children listening to Kendrick, please remember that from a general patron’s perspective it can feel a bit weird body rolling in the presence of children.

I have a schedule clash. Are there other dance classes I can take with you?

You can try our epic online dance lessons, which allow you to learn at your own pace and in your own time.

Can I just pay at the door?

No no no! We are super strict on this so don’t make it awkward for everyone involved when we have to turn you away at the door. Just book online always bebe. See below. Go on, do it!