Adult Dance Classes Sydney

Sydney has a special place in our hearts since it’s the birthplace of Groove Therapy. Our flagship venue, 107 Projects sets the tone with its community vibes and arts programming. It’s the kind of venue that is forever buzzing with a hum of energy as it’s home to a range of creative ventures (try the life drawing session that runs straight after our Tuesday beginner adult dance classes).

To find the Groove Therapty class, enter through the little glass door to the left (it’s the glowing pink door in the image above) and walk upstairs. Keep following the corridor (and good music). Once you’ve found the room with the black and white checkered floor you know you’ve found your new Tuesday night dance home.

our Sydney hip hop classes are all about the loud music, street dance styles vibe and it’s about being accessible. Since it’s our longest running class, you’ll most likely see some familiar faces each week and many of our patrons make it a tradition to grab a bite with some of the new friends they make after class. How cool is that? We champion the idea of a community, not a scene because that’s what dance should be about.

Sydney Beginner Adult Dance Classes

107 Projects
107 Redfern Street, Redferm

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Groove Therapy launched in Sydney at 107 Projects in February 2017. At the time Vanessa Marian just decided to launch a little local dance class series for the sake of her own mental health (dance kept her happy) and never anticipated that Groove Therapy would grow as much as it has in the short amount of time that it has.

Growth and success aside, it wouldn’t really be all that rewarding if it wasn’t for the people that we’ve been able to share our passion for dance with, so we thank you for coming each week and putting your own fears aside to try our beginners dance class.

When Groove Therapy launched, Vanessa expected to share her dance obsession with two or three people. She walked in to a room full of over 70 nervous patrons ready to boogie with her. Here’s a video of the good vibes that were pumping through the room. How epic is it!

Thanks for coming fam! Make sure you book you beginners adult dance class online as we don’t do door sales (because we’re so fancy and millennial you guys)