Instructionals Music

This Playlist Though

Sup fam, Amy here. You guys always hound me after class for my music so I thought I’d package up and share with you some of my absolute faves right now. I started my playlist with two crowd pleasers. If you’re one of my regulars you’ve probably heard me play these two to death so […]


Common Questions (and Fears) for the First Timer

“Just a warning: I’m going to be the most uncoordinated dancer you’ve ever taught” – Every first timer that walks through our doors. Ok so y’all tell us time and time (and time and time) again that our dance classes will meet their match with you, a self-professed hopeless first timer. The truth is, if […]


Online Instructional Vids #1

Look, maybe you want to try out some of these beginner hip hop moves in your bedroom first. Who doesn’t love a good body roll instructional anyway? We thought we’d offer you a¬†glimpse of some of the kinds of moves we teach. Keep in mind that this is a 45 second non-verbal skim of moves¬†that […]