This Mood-Booster Playlist will get your cardio PUMPING.

Your June Mood-Booster Playlist for 2023 is here. Crank the volume and practise all those new moves you’ve learnt in our beginner adult dance class series maybe?

Hey bebes! Ness here, founder of this pulsing little community we call Groove Therapy and curator of this month’s mood-booster playlist.

I love that you love our monthly mood-booster playlist curations as much as I love making them.

This month’s playlist vibes are like…

This month I haven’t really gone for any one genre, but have instead focused just purely on vibes on vibes on vibes to get your mood boosted and your cold, dead heart defrosted in this economically dismal winter.

So chin up darlings, life can have some bloody beautiful moments when you play a magnificently uplifting song in the background.

How do I dance to this music?

Need some inspo on how to dance to these tracks? There’s a lot of bass in these numbers, so I’d start with straight up grooves. Think down grooves, head nods, and bounces.

The dancers in that Jungle clip above are canvassing an enormous range of street dance genres, including boogaloo, locking and straight choreo.

If you’ve been with us for long enough, you’ve likely dabbled in a bit of house dance too. a lot of the music in this playlist wonderfully compliments The Jack, which is the name of the foundation groove of house dance.

Don’t stress if none of the above paragraph makes sense, but if I’ve piqued your interest, you can read about house dance here.

And if you’re keen to actually learn some house and download the movement onto your muscle memory, our online house course package is a great start.

Quick note: please don’t request class playlists from your teachers!

I know some of you request class playlists, but we have a strict no class playlist sharing policy.

Ummm why? Well, we dance enthusiasts spend days, months, years and decades curating our playlists.

Out of respect to our teachers, we ask that you don’t put them on the spot and request a free pass to their years of crate digging and sonic discovery.

In lieu of class playlists being shared freely, I personally sit through my favourite tracks and curate a list for our dear newsletter subscribers every single month.

Every few months I’ll share a playlist here on the blog, so keep stalking and refreshing the website to see if a new curation has been uploaded.

Want to sign up to our newsletter? You’re automatically subscribed when you buy a class ticket, and you’re cleaned off the list if we see that you’re not opening our mail.

It keeps our little newsletter community small and enthused. Plus it means we’re not as annoying to those who don’t care to hear from us.

In any case, you’re still reading? Get up and have a juicy, dorky boogie already.

Enjoy bebes.




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