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Got two left feet and a fear of public dancing? Start with an online beginner dance course.

Despite our collective post-pandemic online fatigue, digital dance classes remain as popular as ever.

“What if I’m UNCO though” says one commenter under our viral TikTok dance. “Am I too beginner if I’ve never taken a dance class in my life? Will this be too hard for me?”

It’s hard to know what to say to these sorts of questions, because the messaging can’t be clearer throughout our company branding – we are a dance class for people who are convinced they can’t dance.

I suspect what these people are really looking for is that last nudge of reassurance, an almost-grovel that pleads and promises the ultimate utopian dance class experience.

The barriers to physical dance classes

Look, I get it; no-mirror-dim-light-policy aside, there are still so many barriers that can hinder someone from starting their dance journey in person.

For starters, there’s a range of learning abilities and mental health challenges that can block people from being able to enter your stock-standard dance studio situation.

Neurodivergent people or folks with learning difficulties may find the steps need to be explained in a more one-on-one fashion and repeated more slowly.

People with physical disabilities may need the luxury of sitting down every 10 minutes.

Then we have our busy folk, who are juggling haphazard schedules with kids, work, carer-duties and general adult life.

Lastly there is the plain fear of public dancing, and no amount of coaxing on our behalf will shake someone on their own internalised preconceptions of a studio dance class.

The solution? Go online

So, taking these barriers into account, we decided to create an online series of dance lessons so people could pause, rewind and replay lessons in their own space and on their own time. It’s an experience that allows participants to finally feel as though they’re in control.

For those who may be interested in trying our beginner online dance courses, Here’s how to make the most of it and really marinate in that dance-endorphin goodness.

1. You Choose Your Safe Space:

Whether it’s your bedroom, living room or home office, designate your safe space, then go the extra mile to make it a vibe.

Dim the room, add mood lighting, burn some incense, and lock the door. The fragrance and reduced glare helps settle your fight-or-flight response and the locked door ensures you can actually do the cliche dance-like-no-one-is-watching thing.

Create that cocoon of safety for yourself and make it a little extra special with those bonus touches. It gives you the endorphins of having gone out, done something for yourself and working up a little sweat whilst you’re at it.

2. Dance at your own tempo

Ok, so IRL classes need to cater to 30+ skill sets and tends to go at a speed that suits the median level in the room.

Our online dance classes, however, allow you to learn at your own pace.

Missed a step or struggling with a footwork sequence? All good bebe. Our how to dance videos let you to pause, rewind, and replay as many times as you like.

Want to race through the verbal introductions? Speed up the video.

Need to go over that body roll with a little extra hand-holding? Slow the whole thing down and breathe through the movement as many times as you’d like.

There’s the beauty in pre-recorded footage; it’s yours to enjoy at your own leisure.

3. Flexibility to fit your schedule

Work meetings prone to running late? Have a chaotic small child demanding your attention? We got you.

Our classes range from 3 to 10 minutes, allowing you to squeeze in a dance session (or four) in the morning, before bed or at your desk between meetings.

4. Wearing pants is optional

Let’s be real—fashion shows are overrated when it comes to dancing. Our online dance classes celebrate freedom and self-expression, without judgment on your attire. We can’t see what you’re wearing, so feel free to slip into that lint-ridden fleecewear or embrace the freedom of going pantless. The key is to prioritize your comfort and create a vibey space to connect with your body. Let go of inhibitions and dance like nobody’s watching because, well, nobody is!

5. Explore in multi-faceted ways

Our online dance classes go beyond the screen, offering a range of resources to enhance your experience. Dive into the world of pop culture and watch pro dancers execute the moves you’ve learned. Each lesson presents extra challenges to level up your skillset. And if you’ve mastered the content and want a change of pace, hit that mute button and immerse yourself in one of our bonus playlists.

Final thoughts

Online dance classes offer an opportunity to embrace the joy of movement on your terms. Break free from the confines of perfection and embrace the beauty of unapologetic amateurism.

So designate your safe space and express yourself, connect with your body, and experience the transformative. Try our online courses maybe?

Research has shown that dance can improve mood, boost self-esteem, reduce stress, enhance memory, and increase creativity. Our online courses are designed to tap into this power, catering to a diverse range of abilities, schedules, and lifestyles.

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