A throwback mood booster playlist to get your body jiggling.

How to dance for beginner adults; start with the vibes on this playlist maybe?

Umm hullo and welcome to the zillions of new subscribers that have joined the fam in the last few months. I thought to treat you all to a throwback playlist since the vast majority of you are new here!

Remember to hit like/save so the playlist doesn’t disappear on you. We have hidden most of our content, so old playlists are no longer available (sorry).

Enjoy bebes!

Noticed that our playlists are set to private recently?

We’ve currently got our playlists set to private, so the only methods of access are via our online newsletters, and the few playlists we’ve released over on this blog.

Want to keep listening without being blocked? Make sure you like and save our playlists, as they will not be openly displayed over on our Spotify profile.

Why the private playlist thing?

It’s a little complicated.

To put it simply, our music curations are hugely sought-after by music enthusiasts, and we feel the hours of free labour that goes into curating these lists should go to our most loyal fans who invest in us by attending classes, and buying our online courses.

I used to have a particular playlist saved and now can’t access it. How can I fix this?

Once we set our playlists to private, they got taken off people’s accounts.

We should have actually just opted to take our playlist off our profile, so that subscribers who had previously liked the playlist could still access it.

Unfortunately, changing these settings back has not undone the damage. There’s little we can do about this, so make sure you like and subscribe to our playlists moving forward (and look out for these throwbacks to keep you in the mood bebe.

Umm even more exclusive playlists for our online course baddies.

Online dance classes let you learn at your own speed, on your own schedule, in your own space and on your own terms. Plus, there’s even more playlists for the online course community.

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