A Mood-Booster Playlist to defrost your cold, dead heart.

Groove in your bedroom to our playlists and learn how to move with our online dance classes.

Ness here! I’m back with a (relatively) chill list of vibey tracks to practise your house moves to.

Most of the playlist is house music, so it’s perfect for trying out your house dance moves; the Shuffle, Pas de bourrée, Farmer and Jacks.

If you don’t know what house dance is, you can read up on the history and culture here.

If you’re across house dance as a genre, but would like a focused beginner introduction to learning the basic moves, why not try our intro Online House Dance Courses?


Learn how to dance to our playlists online maybe?

No need to dress up or look the part bebe. Pause, rewind and replay each lesson on your own terms.

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