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This Mood-Booster Playlist will make you dance HARD.

A vibey mood-booster playlist to dance to by Rachell Dade.

Hi I’m Rachell Dade, one of the beginner adult dance teachers at Groove Therapy in Sydney.

Um, I curated? I’m a curator now!

As per usual, I was going in too many directions and wanted to give you a huge mix of every song I’m liking RIGHT NOW.

But, I calmed down and focused on a playlist that would actually connect and not change vibes every three minutes.

Plus I am obsessed with all of these songs anyway!

This playlist is built to take you on a journey, starting very chilled like the morning sun.

By track three our hips start moving. Track four and five get the feet involved and, by the end, we’re running around the house taken over by the dance monster.

Here’s Gracie and I vibing to one of the playlist songs, Flower Pads;

You’ll see that some of our last tracks are Amapiano. What is Amapiano you may ask?

Amapiano is the most recent music genre from South Africa, emerging around 2012. Imagine the lovechild of soulful house, Jazz, Kwaito (90’s South African Dance music movement), synths, percussive bass lines, beautiful smooth vocals and sometimes even whistles.

It’s quickly becoming a dance floor and social media favourite. 

There’s heaps of ways to dance to Amapiano, but the simplest way is to find the beats and grab them hand by hand , they won’t always come when you expect! Otherwise, get started on your footwork.

The final song is from two Sydney based artists, Kristelle and Temgazi. Kristelle also runs her own Amapiano Block Parties – Yanos in Sydney! 

Hope you like it! 

Sending lots of love xxxx

Rachell Dade