Mood Booster Playlist Vol II

Vanessa here with your second volume of our Mood Booster Playlist series. This month, I ask that you perhaps think about performance versus privacy.

Turn your lights down low, press play and have a boogie in a designated safe space.

Rather than thinking of the performative elements of dance – how your body looks or how well you’re executing techniques you’ve learnt in class – think about the private joy of bedroom boogies.

Perhaps try exploring the concept of dancing with your environment. Is there a chair? Dance with it. Dance on it. Grind against it. Is there a table? Can you (safely) drape your body across it? Can you pretend to paint the walls of your room with all your limbs and hair?

This concept of ‘tasking’ whilst exploring your movement gets you into weirdo mode, and that’s where the true artistry comes alive.

Ok, enough ramble. Enjoy!

Groove Therapy runs dance classes for beginner adults near you (probably). Check out how you can boogie via our bookings page.

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