We made you the ultimate zen out & bliss up playlist

By Vanessa Marian

This is the ultimate zen playlist. With music that hails from the African diaspora, through to ambient electronica and Thai-psychedelic chill, we promise that this curation of music is made for altering your brain waves into a state of flow. 

Starting off we have a tune by artist Laurence Guy, who usually makes kind of jazz-electronic-house tracks but mellowed out for this number. The dusty crackle of the record player spinning alongside the lazy saxophone sets the perfect tone for golden sunrise and sunset light, so keep that in mind next time the sky is golden and your Spotify is within reach.

Dream Koala is such a bliss tune that we’ve had neighbours knock on our door to ask us what the track is. It’s a beautiful one to both relax to or have a languid and milky dance sesh.

The next series of songs following our two intro tracks hail from the African Diaspora, with beautiful vocals that are layered with a combination of harmonies, guitars and synths across three poetic tracks.

We curated the second half of the playlist to encompass a mix of vocal story telling, and emotional sentiment captured through instrument layering.

Whenever we curate a playlist we think of you, the end listener, and we wonder if it took you on a journey. This playlist has been tested, with you in mind, whilst drinking a morning tea, with closed eyes in between admin work, whilst strolling through a park and during a stretch session. It may or may not have evoked a slow tear roll during some moments.

Not to over-hype or anything but honestly, this week is an absolutely stunning curation of mellow, gooey, sticky, misty and earthy tunes to get your muscles and mind relaxed.

With lots of love from the GT office.


Shall we have a listen?

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Cover Image by Lourdes Sanchez

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