The Oontz Oontz ultimate nostalgia 90s RAGE playlist.

Have you ever just felt sick of your playlist but also not bothered to comb through new music to see if you vibe any of it?

We kind of have the perfect solution – a playlist of those nostalgic tunes that you forgot you loved.

House Music

House music was born in the early 80s in the underground Chicago club scene where prominent DJs would mix pop-disco tracks with synth and electronica and alter the bass-lines. Early house music is said to have come from the Black American LGBTQI + community, showing us that, once again, sub-cultures that we consume on the daily come from a marginalised group creating something to express themselves.

House Dance

So house dance is obviously the natural progression of movement to match the music. House is considered a street dance and it was made by and for the house dance party scenes. The natural groove of a house dancer includes three elements – the jack (a certain essence/flavour/groove that is particularly linked to house), footwork (duh) and lofting (floor work).
Because the musical genre is influenced by jazz, afro, latin and hip hop music, so is the dance style.

Enough talking, watch this video for some inspo. Note that lightness/floating ease with which they do their footwork. That is how the best house dancers house. Just forward through the cringe to get to the dancing parts (lol).

Our Playlist for you

We’ve taken you on a journey with this playlist, creating a small curation of tracks that you forgot you loved from the 90s and 2000s, some with house remixes and others just as they were. This playlist is a great example of the evolution of house as it was adopted into pop-culture.

Well there ya have it. Keen to learn some house? Feel free to simply ask our teachers when you sign in to teach a house move in class. Our Groove Therapy teachers have diverse street dance background but we all have a common house dance foundation!

Book yourself in for an IRL beginner adult dance class via this link . Don’t live in Sydney/Melbourne? Sign up to our online classes (house courses included) via this link.

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