February Mood-Booster 2023

Here’s a mood-booster playlist to practise a few easy beginner dance moves.

Valentines with your own delicious self

This month we’re going for something a little stickier for you to whine, body roll and wave to in your bedroom.

The music here predominantly spans the spectrum of modern Afrobeat, though there are other genres from the Afro diaspora, including a Brazilian-house track.

Much love

Remember, Valentines day is a capitalist construct that you can reclaim and fashion into whatever you’d like in the name of feeling loved.

So dance with yourself, dance with your mum, dance with your friends, grind with a consenting fellow adult and come dance with us this month.

We are just here to bring you that regular dose of mood-boosting goodness that gets you out of your head and into your body.

Come to a beginner adult dance class in Sydney with us this week maybe?

Or try our online beginner dance courses, so you can stick to your designated safe spaces and learn at your own pace!