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This Playlist Though

Sup fam, Amy here. You guys always hound me after class for my music so I thought I’d package up and share with you some of my absolute faves right now.

I started my playlist with two crowd pleasers. If you’re one of my regulars you’ve probably heard me play these two to death so no need to talk about them. However, a new song I’ve been loving and playing on repeat is Track 3: Mahalia’s I wish I missed my Ex. It’s a feel good track with a classic 80s/90s Boom Bap beat. I won’t get too nerdy with the music theory but this type of beat is perfect for any 80s/90s party grooves you’ve picked up from class. Think the likes of the Cabbage Patch and Steve Martin.

A dude who gets a double feature on this playlist and someone I think you should keep an eye on, is Leven Kali. You might recognise his name from Playboi Carti’s debut EP or in the writing credits of Drake’s More Life album. Despite his association with some heavy hitting trap records, his own stuff sounds more like a smooth 90s RnB Anderson .Paak. If you’re looking for some soulful, funky pop to body roll it out to, Leven’s your man.

Vibes? Come to class. Add some new moves to your bedroom dance vocabulary.


Header image of Amy Zhang taken by Kurt Davies

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