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May Theme: Community

We always hear about self-love and taking the time for ourselves. But when life gets a bit crazy, sometimes we forget to take a step back to start new relationships and foster those relationships around us. Being part of a community creates a strong sense of belonging which improves motivation, health and overall happiness. This morning, the Groove Therapy fam had a check in and it was a huge reminder of how important it is to stay connected with each other. So with that, May’s theme is all about Community.


Call a Friend

We all have that friend that we haven’t seen in forever. Maybe you live in different countries or maybe you’ve just got completely different lives, but when you’re together it’s like no time has past. Regardless of how strong that bond is, sometimes you just gotta check in. So, call that friend (or relative coz we all know your mum is dying to hear from you) that you haven’t heard from in ages and just reconnect with them. Your heart and mind will thank you later.


Make a new Friend

When we were kids, making friends was so easy. You’d run up to someone in the playground and say hi, exchange names, and the next thing you’re best friends running a muck on the monkey bars. It’s funny how we lose that as adults. So the next time you see someone you kind of know or just think is rad, go up to them and say hi.


Get out of your comfort zone

If you don’t feel a sense of community in the circle you’re in, find a new one. Think about the things you like doing and find a place you can do them with others. Logic shows that if you like the same thing, you’re probably going to have something in common.

On that note if you love a boogie then come find your community of peeps who also love to boogie at one of our classes this week.

Can’t make any of our classes? We do online classes too!

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