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April Theme: Screens Off

Dang, we know! It’s already April which means we are well and truly into 2018. As we get busier, a lot of the Groove Therapy fam have been talking about the vortex that is our screens and how much it effects not just our physical but our emotional health as well. That’s why April’s Theme is all about turning your screens off. As a challenge for the month of April, the Groove Therapy fam are all making a conscious decision to put our screens down. Here are four tips for how to keep off us all off our screens more.

Embrace Boredem

Take a second and think back to the last time you waited in line for a coffee or sat in an Uber and just embraced the boredom? It’s so instinctual for us to want to pull out our phone and have scroll any second we start to feel a natural silence creeping up.

boredom-gif-9Stay aware. See what happens when you start to clock yourself picking up your phone for no reason.

Social Media with a Purpose

We’ve all been there. You open up your phone to reply to a friend/check the location of a FB event/check the details from an instagram DM and all of a sudden you’re in click-bait hole and now watching videos about the top five cheese restaurants in New York.¬†Consciously think of why you need to open the app and get the task done – because the app will try do everything possible to suck you in once you open it.


Record It

Get an app that records how much screen time you use. (It’s pretty confronting)

Shock Wow GIF-source.gif


Do a screen free-activity: aside from reading, cooking, gardening, word on the street is there’s Groove Therapy.


Get off your screen and have some screen-free fun with us at one of our classes this week! Can’t make any of our classes? We do online classes too!

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