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Sup fam, Amy here. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve sat down and written to you all however, I’m breaking the hiatus with this banger of a post.

Your fave broke bish and Brisbane Therapist, Wanida Serce, has graced us all with some fresh music. For anyone who’s taken Wanida’s class or knows her personally, you’ll know she’s always got the songs that can get everyone dancing. When I asked her about the overall vibe of the playlist she explained, “This playlist is really different to what I play in class. I feel like my life is very go, go, go and crazy so when I’m by myself I just wanna chill the f*** out. So this is an everyday playlist of all the music that makes me happy.”

It’s a juicy playlist (I know, you’re welcome), so I asked Wanida if there are any songs she’s particularly loving right now. “I’ve been listening to Masego’s new album, Lady Lady, on repeat recently. If I’m honest, I could’ve just made that album my entire playlist,” she laughs then continues, “but instead of flooding you with Masego, I just chose my favourite song.”

A noteable track for me was a smooth, boom bap beat called ‘Sensuel‘ by Benny Que. Wanida notes that this dude is a new discovery for her. “I love that song but I hope he releases more music because he’s only got two tracks out. Like, come on man!” Wanida says. She’s right! I did my own stalk of Benny Que and he is definitely underground. The only thing I could find about him was two Spotify tracks and that he’s a West African dude who lives in Toronto. We’ll keep an eye on him for you and let you know what else he releases!

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Wanida playlist without some good old Anderson .Paak. When I asked about Anderson, Wanida immediately responded “He is my white whale”.


I didn’t really understand at first either but Wanida continued to explain, “It’s a thing you can never catch or get. Anderson .Paak is that for me. There are three artists that I knew I wanted to see (apart from Beyoncè): Kaytranada, Masego and Anderson .Paak. I’ve seen them all except Anderson because everytime I’ve tried, he cancels! But one day…”

Alright enough talking. Go have a listen and then check out Wanida’s Brisbane class on Monday’s.


You know what goes really well with music? Dancing. Build your bedroom dance move vocabulary when you book class here.


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