Rachell Dade made a playlist.

The time has come. The long awaited Rachell Dade playlist is finally here!! I know how much you have been holding out for this one. As usual, we asked Rachell to throw us some fun facts and the first thing she said was “is that fun facts about the song and the genre or just fun facts like…that zebras hug each other.

After confirming that this fact was true, we clarified with Rach. So here are some facts about this playlist from the legend herself.

Ps. They are in dot point form because Rachell gave me a lot info and none of which I wanted to leave out.

So here goes:

  • Sauti Sol is from Kenya and legit one fo the biggest groups and just visited Australia
  • Project Peters are brothers in Sydney
  • Destruction Boys are an example of music you would do Pantsula to (refer below to video of Pantsula)
  • the visuals for OSHUN, Sudan Archives and Sampa the Great are tear worthy – they’re so good, and actual styling and life goals
  • All Over by Tiwa Savage – I think I just want to make that the song I get married too…sooo yeah
  • Kuliko Jana by Sauti Sol is church
  • I’m severely obsessed with Sampa and I met her and on the outside of my being I looked quiet and reserved but on the inside I was screaming

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