Our Splendour Playlist

We’ll be at the Splendour in the Craft Bus with We’re All Going To Die facilitating an installation that asks you to get off ya damn phone and sit across a stranger with some thought-provoking conversation cards. Rad huh?

You see, Groove Therapy is more than a dance class organisation – we’re mental health advocates – and we think it’s important to learn how to use social media and screens in balance with the rest of your life. If you see any of the GT fam around, please don’t interrupt our dancing to have a d&m – join us on the d-floor instead.

Ok now about this playlist, we’re really excited about it. Why? Not only does it feature the obvious suspects like Kendrick, it has a string of incredible Aussie beat makers and musicians including Indigenous musicians and people of colour across Australia who are forging a new identity for us on the global music scene. It’s so exciting to see the likes of Kwame, Zigga Ramo, Sampa the Great and Baker Boy reppin’ the stage at an event as big as Splendour.

Vanessa Marian will be featuring these tracks in the Byron class on Thursday to get you nice and prepped up for your weekend boogie.

Ok less talking more dancing. Enjoy!

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