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Sup fam, Amy here. Back with that new new for your next bedroom/car/shower jam. This playlist was created by friend of the Groove, Jackson Garcia. You guys always tell us how much you love when Jack subs for our Brisbane classes and he always puts us onto great new AND old tracks. So, it made sense that we asked him to share his playlist from class last week and to give us a little play by play on his choices.

Our Bris and Byron fam already know him from class, but if you’re not lucky enough to live where winter still means beach days, then you might recognise Jack from this vid that’s been floating around the internet recently…

Alright, enough chat. I know you just want these tracks.

When Jack sent through the link, straight away he warns, “The playlist starts pretty gangsta but it chills out towards the end.” He’s not wrong, the first three tracks are all new releases from the last month by A$AP Rocky, Jay Rock and Pusha T. “All songs that you might hear in the club with a nice bass,” Jack explains. In other words, some songs to get you hyped.

And then we get a bit softer and funkier before the hard funk with the Black Eyed Peas ft. James Brown.” This track is a great intro into funk music as James Brown was one of the founders of this style of music. If you were in Jack’s class on Monday, you would’ve learnt some Locking which is the OG style of dancing to this music. Locking is all about not taking yourself too seriously and having fun. (Wink wink)

Check out the original Locking crew, the Campbellock Dancers on Soul Train one of the first TV shows to heavily feature this style of dance in the 70s and 80s:

And now here’s our Brisbane homies smashing some locking basics:

I asked Jack to sum up his playlist in one sentence. “I was tryna go for a funky feel that was hype but smooth.”

We hear ya Jackson.

If you missed last week, Jack will be subbing again for Wanida in Brisbane. Not in Bris? We’ve got classes across Sydney, Melbourne and Byron too! Check our schedule here.


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