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February’s Theme: Luv Yuhself

When the Groove Therapy team sat down to think about February our calendar jumped out with Valentines Day emojis and we groaned at the foreseeable spam of love, relationships and undermining of self-confidence that so many brands were gearing up to cash in on. In defiance we decided to flip the script on love this Feb and ask you to channel another mindset for the month: loving your OWN self. It applies to all of us, irrespective of relationship status and it’s a question that we’d like to get y’all thinking about via some of the following ways

Social Media
People love to bitch about it but it can be good for your headspace if you use it well. A mantra we’re trying this month is not checking our phones for the first hour of our day, following interesting, thought-provoking and genuinely ethical accounts and checking ourselves when we get into click-bait holes (even if it’s a bomb dance video). Want to know a really good phone-free activity? Groove Therapy. Whoa mind-blown.


Internal Monologues
We’re going to check ourselves on what our inner voice is saying as we scan magazines, beach babes, social media and most of all ourselves. Vanessa, Groove Therapy founder, says she needs to probably get more humble as she has been loving herself sick in the mirror these days but that’s entirely because she’s learnt a few new dance moves and she’s feeling proud. We think you’re allowed in those instances.

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Enjoy Yuhself
Once we took a dancehall class and the teacher said to us in that thick epic Jamaican accent ‘ENJOY YUHSELF’ which literally meant ‘use yuh hands and enjoy your own body’. It sounds stupid but you should see how much class freaks out when we ask you to touch your own body and hair. There is such shame culture around this and we honestly think y’all are doomed if you can’t touch your own body in appreciation. Get around it.

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Take Class With Us
I mean we preach enough why this is important right? But you know why it’s important to loving yourself? It shows initiative, that you’ve proactively taken the time out to create a habit, try something new, get out of the house and do something you love.

Also who doesn’t want to pocket a few new dance moves for their cousin’s wedding dance floor next week?
Defs take class with us.

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Did your resolutions all go to plan? Have you made new habits, kicked goals and closed toxic chapters…or is that all still a work in progress? Let’s not beat ourselves up for all this. February’s theme is ‘Luv Yuhself’ and it’s about learning to chill out and accept that life isn’t perfect and that maybe there’s some cool stuff to appreciate. Grab a friend or stroll in through our doors for some solo ‘me time’ and try your hand at one of our beginner street dance classes

Can’t make any of our classes? We do online classes too!

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