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Dance class at Groove Therapy starts on the week of Jan 8 2018 (which you can book here). Amongst the hype of new year reinvention, bucket lists, goals and resolutions the Groove Therapy fam over here has a few words for you.

  1. You’ve always said you’ll come to class…one day.
    We meet hundreds of you every week. People who recognise us as teachers from Instagram and stop us to tell us how much they have been meaning to come to class but…you know.
    Nah fam, we’re going to call you out on your procrastination here. Since dance classes foster community, boosted mental health, fitness and self-expression we think that it should become a priority in 2018. Once you get over the mental hurdle of being intimidated to try a class we promise you’ll wish you had signed up sooner.

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  2. You’ve been busy, stressed and overworked
    Here’s the deal, when you dance you release endorphins and your overactive brain tends to go into a meditative state of concentration and ‘in-the-moment’ focus and enjoyment. It’s incredible catharsis for people who need to shake off a crap day/week/life chapter/year.
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  3. You’ve wanted a new way of catching up with peeps
    Take a dance class together. If you’re serious about getting good, then you can hype each other up to stay regular and not fall off the bandwagon. If you want something new for date night then challenge your babe to a living room dance-off post class. A lot of peeps also bring their fam along, and one of our favourite moments is seeing someone bring in their rad parent to class and watching them get low to Kendrick Lamar.
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  4. You’ve fallen off the exercise bandwagon
    Groove Therapy classes leave you sweating head to toe with your heart hammering and the best bit is you often don’t even realise that you’ve exercised for an hour. We’re not sure why so many people have this idea that exercise has to be an ordeal. If you’re keen on exercising but not quite ready for that gym junkie life, then a dance class is a good start. Also know that being fit is about what your body can do, not what your body looks like. So leave the body bashing internal monologue at the door.
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  5. You’re intimidated
    It’s incredible the stories our minds can weave. It’s a nego spiral but it doesn’t have to be that way. We don’t mean to be harsh when we say this but dance class isn’t about you. We’re not all looking at you and we don’t care what threads you’re wearing. We’re just having a dance here, calm down and take yourself a little less seriously.

Groove Therapy classes start again on the week of Jan 8. You can view our schedule and book a class across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane by clicking here.

Can’t make any of our classes? We do online classes too!

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