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March Theme: One Love

With March being the month of International Women’s Day, the International Day of Happiness and Zero Discrimination Day, we thought we’d pick the theme ‘One Love’ this month.

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Meet a new person
If you’ve moved to a new city or you’ve perhaps fallen into a cycle of seeing the same (wonderful) familiar faces, maybe it’s time to meet someone new this March? If you’re already a regular, we urge you to rock up 10 mins early (you already do of course because you’re legit keen) and walk up to someone you don’t know and strike up a chat. If you’ve never taken a Groove Therapy class, then expect someone to walk up to you 10 mins before class and say hi.
Book me in for class so I can make friends please.

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Screens Off

A big focus for us is the idea of internet trolls and all that triggering that our tiny palm -screens give us. We’re pushing for more effective phone time usage, which is not a detox or a cleanse from phones, but is instead the idea of balance. We don’t eat 4 x blocks of chocolate and feel good about it but a little choccie cake every now and then is a plain good time. The same sort of thinking goes for screen time. It’s not bad for you if it’s not in excess.
Less screens, more dancing for me. Book me in.

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Cross Cultural Understanding

With knowledge comes the death of ignorance. did you know that one of Groove Therapy’s core values is to do our little bit to lessen ignorance in this world by teaching dance moves, origins and historical contexts of it all in class? When you understand the ‘why’ behind something, you’re far less likely to feel prejudice to those people.
OK I want to learn some street dance moves ASAP. 

On that note come to one of our classes this week. Can’t make any of our classes? We do online classes too!

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