Ok ok we are so sorry! We’re going to start getting this on a more consistent roll. Don’t stress it’s here though. Instructional #2

So this instructional is called the Reject but it’s going to do the complete opposite for you once you master it we promise. This move falls under the street style Jerkin’ which is a footwork-based dance move. Dancing is so awkward to explain via text. The movement started making waves on the West Coast around 2009 before spreading to the East and of course spreading globally thanks to the internet. It’s common to see dancers rocking skinny jeans and rejecting the baggy pants. Ah see it all coming together now?
To any hip hop nerds, no this isn’t typical jerkin’ music that we’ve edited the instructional to but we’re just keen on a quality track and Goldlink is on repeat at the office, so yeah.

We could keep trying to describe it all by typing out the instructions but let’s not get to that. Also if you’re at home having a brain melt over these videos please remember that these instructionals serve as a recap on some of the stuff we’ve learnt in class, not as entire and detailed explanations of a move. If you want that then you gotta holla and come to class. Until then let’s just sit back and watch.

Like what you see? Yo, come to class and join us!


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