Groove Lab Playlist

Want to feel inspired with new beats for your bedroom freestyle? We asked Clarence Durt Kent, one of the industry’s best freestyle dancers to curate a little playlist for us.

We get countless requests for our playlists at the end of our beginners hip hop & street dance classes. We’ve finally decided to act on it.

Groove Lab is our new playlist and mixtape series made for you guys for the purpose of labbing. What does that even mean? Well in colloquial  terms it basically means ‘practising your dance moves’ and urban dictionary confirms this, so we’re 100% dropping knowledge from the streets right now you guys. So legit.

Anyways that was a mad digression. Clarence Durt Kent is one of Australia’s best freestylers and the godfather of labbing so it only seemed natural that we ask him to curate a playlist for us…errr I mean you.

If you’re a dancer (professionals + professionals at heart) have a lab, record it and tag us on instagram @groovetherapy_101 with the hashtag #groovelab <3 If that sounds like the worst idea ever for your self-confidence then feel free to follow the boss dancers who are brave enough to post on #groovelab

Muchos love and thanks to ya

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