Common Questions (and Fears) for the First Timer

“Just a warning: I’m going to be the most uncoordinated dancer you’ve ever taught” – Every first timer that walks through our doors.

Ok so y’all tell us time and time (and time and time) again that our dance classes will meet their match with you, a self-professed hopeless first timer. The truth is, if you think you’re going to be too uncoordinated to try a class you’re kind of missing the point. Dance class at Groove Therapy isn’t about winning at some slick choreography. It’s about not taking yourself so seriously and learning how to actually have fun whilst you dance. Yes some people have forgotten this fundamental rule about dancing.

Here are all the common questions we get asked:

I have ZERO dance experience and two left feet. Am I doomed?

Yep. KIDDING. stop stressing. Everyone we meet tells us that they are set to be the worst dancer we have ever taught. It’s not really about dance abilities, it’s about learning how to have fun and beef up your bedroom dance move vocabulary. Chill homie.

What do I WEAR?

Baby, whatever you like really. We personally like our street gear, baggy tees, trackies and kicks. You might just prefer some sneakers and activewear. It’s not a fashion show. Think comfortable exercise gear and any sort of sneaker or sport shoe.

What kind of dance is it?

Street dance. This means street styles originating from USA, Jamaica, Africa, Latin America and every other place in between. Think hip hop, house, dancehall, baile funk and afrobeats. Your teachers have traveled the world training under the OGs, founders and leading figures of these street styles so you are not subscribing to some gimmick dance class. This is legit knowledge on global street dance.
Basically we are arming you with skills to slay on your next d-floor encounter. 

How long is class?

One hour beb.

Do you accept cash?

No. We are a tiny business operating over several locations with freelance dance teachers. We keep everything electronic so that teachers can focus on simply turning up, marking off the roll and teaching you some moves.

Well now what? Easy, book online HERE

I missed class. Can I have a refund or credit note for a future class?

Unfortunately no. Groove Therapy is a popular class, sometimes with waitlists. Not turning up means that someone didn’t get your spot and missed out. We can’t afford to credit or refund people who missed class without letting us know at least 60 minutes prior.

I booked a class but need to cancel with 60 minutes or more of notice. Can I get a refund or credit note?

YES! If you cancel with more than 60 mins spare, you can simply keep that pass as credit note for a future class. Go online to the booking page and simply cancel. You can re-book a future class with that pass. 

How can I keep up-to-date on all things Groove Therapy?

Instagram: @groovetherapy_101


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I love what you do and I think my workplace/business should collab with you on a project or event. Who do I contact?

HOLLA! Hit us up at with all the deets and we will make some magic together.

Photography: Kurt Davies

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