What is Street Dance Exactly?

So what types of dance styles do we cover in our Groove Therapy beginner adult classes? Is it just hip hop? The overarching term we use is ‘street dance’ as all the genres of dance that we cover at Groove Therapy falls under this broader category. Street dance is basically any type of dance that is born outside of the dance studio context, i.e. often on the street. The most common dance types we cover in class hails from hip hop culture, but some of the other street styles include Afrobeats (Nigeria) and dancehall (Jamaica).

Our adult street dance classes for beginners follows a fairly simple format. We begin with basic street style grooves, so think of it as a fun warm-up that teaches you how to move your shoulders, loosen your hips, nod your head and body rock. Once we’ve got these fundamentals down we follow up with a break down of street style social dances. Think the running man, dougie, charleston or the bus stop. Once we’ve nailed a few of these moves we end class by stringing a few of them together into a combo. Rather than walking away with a frazzled head from complex choreography, you will learn a few solid party dances which can be applied on a dance floor (or in the privacy of your house if you’re not ready to show the world).

When we first launched Groove Therapy we decided to focus on street dance classes for beginners in an effort to make social dance more accessible to the general public. Australia can sometimes lack a vibrant dance floor culture and we are proud to be at the forefront of the dance movement that is changing this. We believe that our street dance classes teach you how to rock a dance floor so you walk away from class with us armed with huge party dance vocabulary. It’s a much more practical application for your new found skills (because who whips out choreography in real life anyway).

Each of our street dance classes for adults across Australia will draw from a different sub-category of street dance, and each of our teachers has their favourite styles and areas of expertise. You will be getting a fun mixed bag of skills for your next dance floor encounter. Whether you’re taking Ben’s class and learning some fundamentals of the top rock in a break dance context to breaking it down with Rachell whilst the infectious rhythms of the latest Afrobeat tracks play, you won’t really know what you’re getting yourself into each time you step into one of our beginner street dance classes. All we can guarantee is that you’ll walk away with some legit foundations and a big smile across ya gorgeous face.

Where do you live? Want to get amongst our beginner adult street dance classes? Check out our schedule and book yourself in bebe. It’ll be the best thing you’ve done for yourself all week.

Feature Image: Liam Cameron