Scared of brain fry in our beginner dance class? Many people are anticipating that they won’t be able to remember a dance routine and will look awful doing it. The first thing to note is that if you’re caught up caring about how good you look in our beginner dance class, then you’ve kind of missed the point. It’s more about having a good time and learning some new skills that you take home with you to practise if you want.

Anyway we’re rambling again. What is a combo vs a choreography? So Groove Therapy classes end in a combo. A combo is basically stringing together a bunch of moves and trying it out to a few different tracks. It’s a hell of a fun time to see all the party dances you’ve learnt throughout class strung together and vibed to for the last 10 minutes of endorphin overloads.

We can differentiate a combo from a choreography in that a choreo (the fancy/lazy dance industry term for choreography) is far more complex, hitting polyrhythms and complicated movement pathways. We tend to shy away from choreography in our beginner classes because it leaves the dancer just overthinking and panicking and we want our beginner dance classes to just be about vibing and having an epic time.

Anyways, try out a class maybe? Yeah, do it!

Image by Daniel Lidmila