Sydney: Rachell

Rachell Dade is sunshine personified. Her warmth and bubbly nature is kindled within to create a radiance that beams outwards from every pore of her skin. When asked about what she wanted to facilitate as a teacher at Groove Therapy she replied “I want women and girls to value their minds and the importance of contributing to society just as much as their aesthetic. Being skinny and fit is cool but the exterior body is constantly changing, so if we focus solely on this then our joy and completion of self is going to be so unstable. So what’s actually going to make you happy?” Enough said.

Rachell is the current title holder for Dancehall Queen across Australia and her incredible versatility as a trained technical dancer, afro-styles enthusiast and groove queen has given her quite the (great) rep. She has been touted as one of the names to watch in the dance scene but none of it matters unless you’re dancing from your heart as far as Rach is concerned.

Sydney classes are where it all began and Rachell sells out weekly for a reason. Get on tickets before you miss out.