Here’s a dance move you should learn

Want to gear up for this weekend by loosening up your body? We got you.

This is part I on how to isolate your chest.


This is a technique that requires strong visualisation. So rather than popping your shoulders back and forth (cheesy), think about the middle of your chest pushing upwards towards the sky. We like to describe it as a string between your chest pulling directly up.


Now, with grooves you’re not going to find a chest isolation being the main feature of a video but here’s a great example on various isolations that we cover throughout this course taken to the absolute next level. Learning the foundations via our tutorial is a great starting point to working your way up to this dancer’s level (and yep, it’s absolutely possible).


Next, listen to a track with heavy beats and practise with just basic chest isolations at first. Then take it to the next level by playing with different polyrhythms in the track. Maybe you’ll start with the bass, then work your way up to the lyrics, the hi-hat or simply holding still until a random bell *dings* in the background.

Chest Isolation from Groove Therapy on Vimeo.

This is an archive tutorial from Groove Therapy’s online course series where you can learn over 50 different dance moves and techniques by simply hitting play.

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