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Change: Can a Leopard Change its Spots?

We’re about to start pushing for growth through our community, starting with this article.

By Vanessa Marian

On that mad research buzz, I came across an article in Psychology today with the title ‘Modifying Behaviour and Creating Change is Easy’. On that buzz of finally cracking the code to being able to get my middle splits (can you tell this is a recurring roadblock of mine?) I clicked.

Here is what I learnt; creating change is as simple as following this three step process:

1. Identify the behaviour you want to change
2. Do what you need to change 
3. Reward yourself by celebrating

Did your inner cynic just roll their eyes so aggressively that they threw up? Same. Of course, the article went on to elaborate and explain the catch. There’s always a goddam catch. The change of behaviour, a smirking* Abraham M. Gutsioglou, Ph.D. explains, is the easy part

The Catch

The difficult part is sticking to it. 

Aha. What food for thought when we critically break down all those quick fix habits we take on without the follow through.

I considered this with Groove Therapy and our client base. Whilst we have a solid base of regulars (hence the sell-out classes – woo), we also have a huge contingent of people who came, transformed momentarily, then retreated into their manic work-life cycles. 

So how do we make it stick?

So stay tuned folks, we’re about to start deep diving into a few social experiments in which we’ll implement challenges that ask you to take on new dance-related habits and stick to them.

This series of trials will include community-based support networks to hype each other up, trialing apps and spreadsheets that will ask you to, reward systems and tracking methods.

With habit, comes repeated practise and with repetition comes growth.

Stay tuned…


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