Motorola Razr Playlist

A playlist of 2000s music to get you practising your beginner dance moves.

For some it’s nostalgia, for others it’s a vintage aesthetic that geriatric millennials won’t shut up about on TikTok.

either way, this playlist references the music, pop-culture and style of the 2000s. A sonic mood board if you will. Let’s get educated.

Music in the 2000s

Music in the 2000s era largely drew from the popular genres of the late 20th Century such as hip-hop, RnB, rock and pop.

Technology had levelled up, enabling artists to sample, add beats, auto-tune and distort sound more easily.

This era is the precursor to today’s DIY generation, where music production is more democratic; thanks to the 2000s, artists today can produce and promote their own music from their bedrooms.

Club Staple Moves

Just like any good period of time, the 2000s also offered us some club staple moves to whip out on any night on the town. Think Let It Rain, Chicken Noodle Soup or the Stanky Legg.

So here we go; a playlist that harks back to the days of playing Snake on a pink Motorola Razr flip phone. Rock that watermelon Lipsmacker. Enjoy babies.

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