Here’s a move you should try at home

Here’s some beginner dance moves to learn online.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a hip hop dance move, we’ve got your back.


Happy Feet is a hip hop-based dance move that relies on some fun footwork in which your weight is transferred between your heels and toes. The challenge is to shift this weight between your feet seamlessly so that it looks effortless.


Now that you’ve potentially got a few basics down, try turning, switching tempos, levels and the intensity of your groove. This should be executed in response to the vibe of the music. If the jam is chilled, keep your movements smaller and effortless, of the track is hype, exert more energy and make the moves bigger.

This needs nuance, but it’s something that will naturally settle in your body if you train, so get training.

For some added inspiration, we’ve included this legendary clip of Budda Stretch and Terry Link (ICONIC hip hop dance OGs).

Online Dance Class

If you’ve ever thought, is there a dance class near me? Are there ever beginner adult dance classes that fit around my schedule? What if I can’t keep up in dance class? Then, it turns out, you’re not alone. People are busy, self-conscious or too geographically distanced from their favourite dance class (us).

So our solution was to create an Online Dance Class series, which you can check out here.