Five Reasons Why Dance can Change your Life this Week.

Get on it. Stat.
Have you been meaning to get to class but find something always comes up? Or are you an already converted faithful regular? Either way, it’s Vanessa Marian – founder of Groove Therapy here, and I’m going to list five of the fundamental reasons on why I decided to start this company. Welcome to the fam.
1. I mean, we all know exercise is good for you…right?
We hate telling you this. Not because it’s obvious but because we’re genuinely scared that if we tell people how much of a sweat they work up Groove Therapy might become a fitness trend with scenes of people being posers. But let’s not think about it from a weight loss perspective here but from more of a mental wellness perspective. Exercise = endorphin hits which is one of the biggest and most commonly cited preventers of mental illness. So if you’re feeling stressed, sluggish or lethargic, our beginner adult dance classes are a WAY more fun solution than hitting the gym against your will.
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2. It’s a body – mind connection
If you’ve heard us constantly say ‘GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND INTO YOUR BODY’ then here’s your context. When you dance, you’re concentrating on learning a move, then executing it to the beat of a song. Don’t worry though, anyone who has been to a Groove Therapy class knows that if you think it’s about nailing choreography, then you’ve missed the point. It doesn’t matter if you think you have two left feet, just come and have a go. Having a solid boogie for an hour is an incredible way to clear the head and help you connect with your body again. What deadline?
Check out schedule and book yourself in for a beginners dance class!
3. It gives you the tools to express yourself
Having a shit week? Psychologists and Gov Orgs will tell you to talk it out and tell your friends and family. We encourage this too, but perhaps you also want to sort of stew in the shittyness of your day/week/life chapter for a bit by yourself and just boogie it out. Dance is cited as an expressive art form and an incredible healing bridge for people who want to express themselves without sitting with a shrink and deconstructing that time they saw Santa’s beard fall off in a shopping centre. We STILL encourage you to talk it out, but if you’re not quite ready, then a Groove Therapy beginner adult dance class is a good first step homeslice.
4. It’s a community, not a scene.
Does the thought of walking into a dance studio with hot fit bods and peeps warming up in the splits looking you up and down scare you? Same. We know what a shitty dance experience can be like. We also know how amazing dance can make you feel. So we’ve carefully tailored class structures and codes of conduct to try and create a vibe in class that doesn’t leave you feeling shit about yourself. Seeing a few regular faces over the weeks and slowly getting accustomed to lesson structures and the class space all serves to build a community, not a scene. We want you to become part of our Groove Therapy community!
5. It’s DANCING. Why are we still trying to convince you? 
Honestly WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS LIKE YOU NEED CONVINCING? Groove Therapy was created once upon a time when we realised that people admired dancers but were way too intimidated to walk into a dance studio. We think it’s totally bullshit and wanky to think that dance is reserved only for ‘dancers’. That’s how we created the ‘no mirrors, dim lights, judgement-free space for you to get out of your head and into your body’.If you’ve had a bit of an off week, then this is your absolute best and most most important chance to try class. So check out our schedule and book yourself in for some Groove Therapy.
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