Learn how to dance online via Zoom.

Live stream dance classes via Zoom

(AEST: Syd/Melb/Canberra)

We’re rolling back our regular Zoom class to pop-up classes around Amy’s avails!

Until then, check our pre-recorded online dance courses instead bebe.

Learn how to dance online from all your favourite weekly Groove Therapists but no longer feel constrained by geography! No matter where you live, you can now see the hype by tuning in via the interwebs.

The live stream classes allow you to learn how to dance online with more of a community vibe as lessons are given in real time and are not saved post-class.

What you will need

A laptop or mobile device that captures as much of your full body as possible. Use the device that has the largest screen and make sure you set it up so that you are hands free.

For the best experience, hook your device up to a sound system!

How it works

A Zoom link is sent in your confirmation email (the same email where you cancel/re-schedule class if it’s outside the 60 minute window before class).

You are also given a folder with optional FUN backgrounds to bring the party vibes to your digi life.

Option 1: Download Zoom Ahead of Time on Laptop

  1. On your laptop device, check out https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting and download Zoom Client for Meetings. You don’t need an account to log into a meeting.
  2. When Groove Therapy sends you the link, Zoom will open automatically. If you get a prompt, please accept when zoom asks to open or “run”.

Option 2: Download Zoom ahead of time on your phone

  1. Download the Zoom app onto your phone
  2. When Groove Therapy sends you the link, click on it. It should redirect you to the Zoom App immediately.

Option 3: Download Zoom when class starts

  1. Groove Therapy will send you a link to join class. When you click on that link you will be prompted to download Zoom before you join class. 
  2. Once zoom is opened you will have joined the meeting. 

Mute yourself!

Mute yourself so your background noises don’t cramp everyone’s style. Unmute yourself ONLY IF your therapist asks you to a question.

What to wear

Wear pyjamas, track pants, sweats, swimwear or onsies. Wear what you like basically.

Sound and music

Dance is always fun but it’s way less awkward when the music is TURNT UP. We recommend hooking your device up to a speaker.

Sharing links

You may buy one link per household. That means a family of 4 can buy the one $12 pass and dance together in the lounge room with us.

Want more dance resources?

Have you seen our blog? It has playlists, mini-instructionals and wellness articles. Go check it out, dance more and get obsessed with yourself.