Secret Groover

Six weeks before starting Groove Therapy I was diagnosed with depression, which totally shattered my motivation, social confidence and self esteem. It took me a whole month to work up the courage to book a class and I was pretty nervous on the day. I’d never been to a dance class before but it was not at all as intimidating as I thought it would be. Vanessa works really hard to create an equal and welcoming space where everybody can be silly, have fun and learn together as beginners. I haven’t missed a class since starting two months ago. To have something each week that I do by myself, for myself, using my body and with the main purpose of having fun has been so good for me. I honestly feel like it has healed me; I’ve noticed such a big change in myself since starting. I think it’s been the major thing that has helped me get back to a mental space where I feel I’m me again. I’m so relieved to see that progress in myself because now I know that if I ever fall down that hole again I have a tool to get myself out. I’ve even picked up some sweet dance moves too – who would have thought!