The wait is over. We have finally launched official online dance courses!


A two-course package deal for absolute beginners who want to learn legit dance technique on their own time, in their own space and on their own terms.



What if we told you that becoming a slick dancer, taking care of your mental health, reconnecting with your body, getting some daily cardio and improving your creative flow literally boils down to learning a few basic dance techniques + a load of bedroom dancing?

Our online dance courses cover the 101 basics on how to decrease the awkwardness in your movement with a Beginner Grooves course that includes body roll, bounce, head nod and isolation technique. In tandem with this course, we’ve also released a Party Dances course which teaches your famous and crowd pleaser moves including the running man, wave, moonwalk and other more nuanced moves!

Both of these courses cover:

  • Head nods, bounces, Body Rocks
  • Body rolls, Whines and Isolations
  • Criss Cross, Brooklyn Bounce, Charleston
  • Running Man, Cabbage Path, Bart Simpson
  • Butterfly, Pepperseed, Party Machine
  • Wave, Moonwalk (glide), Happy Feet
  • Master the basics of picking up choreography
  • Learn skills to reconnect with your body
  • Tear it up next time you go out dancing
  • Get bulk compliments from everyone who watches you cutting shapes

These lessons, playlists and the curated arc of techniques would usually be covered over 15 intensive real life lessons, which would usually cost you a total of $300 to learn these techniques once. This course lets you pause, rewind and replay each less as much as you like, and with a total of $35 for both courses combined, we’re truly giving you exceptional value for money.

34 total lessons
I take the essential lessons of learning basic grooves and layering them over party dances to build out a comprehensive beginners guide to class. We go through the basics, next-level training and take the leap into learning how to string these moves together to create basic choreography and combos.

Combo practice exercises
One of the best things you can do to improve with dance (or anything) is practice. This rebuilt course includes a series practice combos that string together 3 – 4 moves at a time, showing you how to put your new moves together and execute them as a routine.

9 curated playlists for each module
We all know practise makes perfect, but once you get the gist, simply put the videos on mute and play one of our curated playlists instead. Learning body rolls and whines? We made a bass-heavy, grind-heavy, slow and sticky music playlist for that. Want to practise the running man? How about practising it to some 80s and 90s hip hop tracks? Stay inspired with fresh music.

We promise this course will never be cheaper than it is right now. Why? We’d like your help in deciding what kind of content, videos, and practices are built for new courses going forward, you feel? Some of the content listed above is still in the final stages of editing and processing. When it’s completed, the price will go up again.

Grab your combo package, valued at over $300 for $35 here

Want to just buy one course? Sure thing! Have a peek at all your options here:



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