This Playlist is a Doozy

A playlist geared towards starting your day with dance and a positive mindset? Yeah, we think you should definitely get around that.


Our Latest Playlist is a Doozy.

This is the official playlist curated by both Vanessa Marian (founder of Groove Therapy) and Manoj Dias (founder of the meditation studio A-Space). Groove Therapy and A-space ran a class in New York city around both dance & meditation. Awesome right!

The class was based on themes around our internal monologues – being inadequate, worse than the person next to us and unhappy with where we’re at now because we can’t see the journey as a wonderful thing in itself. We realised that this internal monologue could describe the practise of meditation just as easily as it could the art of dance.

Isn’t it such a rad thing to also know that scientific research shows the brain slipping into a similar state of patterns when we dance as someone who is meditating?

Anyway, on that note, we have created a dance playlist with one instruction. Can you dance to these tunes and just let go enough to do nothing outside of enjoying yourself?

Happy 2019 bebes.

Main artwork created by Jess Cochrane, painted over photography of our Sydney Therapist Amy Zhang.


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