Sydney: Meet Your New Beg. Choreo Teacher


Heyyyyy Sydney! Meet Feras. This beautiful mover, hilarious human and newest official member of the Groove Therapy fam is taking over our Monday Beginner Choreography¬† slot! We’re pretty picky about who we hire and why we hire them. Feras just gets it you know? Not an egotistical teacher who will make you feel self-conno about yourself but instead the dad jokes kinda guy who is simultaneously a dork and then casually an insane dancer who has travelled internationally with his moves.

SO What is Beginner Choreography?
Beginner Choreography starts with the usual grooves and warm ups but also involves learning how to string movements together into a routine. It’s for people who are new to dancing and want to learn this incredible skill set, which is one of the best ways to keep your brain healthy and sharp – and it’s soooooo fun.

Feras teaches every Monday in Sydney at 7:00pm. You can book yourself in here.

Scared about trying class? Stop getting hung up on whether you’ll look cool or not and just go ahead and take class. Get out of comfort zones in this life and pat yourself on the back for it! Don’t take our word for it though – try a class with Feras by booking here



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