Introducing Beginner Choreography Classes


So here’s the deal: when we first started Groove Therapy we were all grooves and no choreography. We were actually quite anti-choreography because it undermines the notion of learning proper dance foundations and we aren’t here to culturally appropriate street culture.

Our Beginner Grooves classes go off.

However when sitting in a nursing home and watching the remarkable cognitive affect that dance had on people with dementia in real time (we’re talking magical shit like hearing a dementia-afflicted woman speak her first word in almost a year after taking our dance class), we realised that we’re not just going to remain this young and mentally sharp forever.

We need to obsess over both preventing and reversing the effects an ageing brain as much as our society obsesses over physical youth.

And guess what? Scientific research (we’re talking Harvard shit here guys) has repeatedly found dance to be the MOST SUPERIOR form of exercise and brain training for keeping your body and mind working, looking and feeling fyne as fuck.


Imagine being more focused, productive, mentally happy and more emotionally equipped to deal with stress just because you took dance class and learnt some choreography on the reg?

So introducing our trial run of Beginner Choreo classes in Sydney on Mondays at 7pm – straight after Amy’s beginner Grooves class every Monday at 6pm.
107 Projects, Redfern.

Book yourself in, get a brain six pack. 


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