Here’s why we don’t think you should wait for 2019 to be the ‘new you’

New Year New You. Oh shit there’s still a whole month of 2018 left.
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Look I don’t know about you, but I’ve been mentally checked out of 2018 for some time now work-wise. No this doesn’t mean I’ve stopped loving Groove Therapy but I’ve felt a sense of stagnation that I’ve been holding out on 2019 to magically fix.

It’s that NEW YEAR NEW ME mentality that we all fall into isn’t it? Future me will deal with good eating habits. Future me will start making aspirational lifestyle choices, future me will consume spirullina on the daily…future me will take dance class on the reg and future me will beĀ toned, ballin’ and happy.

Same! I’ve been waiting for January 1 to start putting our online courses to the test, to look into finally bringing a consultant of some sort in to tell us how to move forward and definitely looking at getting a book keeper to transfer my tax anxiety onto (you poor, poor thing future Groove Therapy book keeper)

It took a big shake up in which a few people in my life changed the course of what I thought my future would look like by making their own ballsy life decisions. It meant people’s role in my life would be different – because they were moving away, moving on or moving in closer.

It kind of knocked the wind out of me at first but then it gave me this incredible food for thought: future Vanessa needs current Vanessa to start implementing now.

Here’s what I’m doing so far:

Current Vanessa is reading daily, taking dance classes at least 5 times per week, writing more, voraciously consuming art and surrounding herself with far smarter peeps so she can hopefully up her IQ through osmosis. It’s surface level growing because it’s the acquisition of knowledge but it’s a great way to try and make sense of the world and realise that it scientifically, figuratively and literally does not revolve around you.

I’ve been told I’m not good at feeling things other than happiness. I always put that down to feeling too privileged to feel sad. I really hope that someone else out there reading this has felt this before. Have you ever been absolutely inundated with stress from work, stretched thin from friends and family who all need to lean on you, felt belittled by an adult bully or felt insecure for no apparent reason?

In my own life, I’ve met elderly people in nursing homes who are cripplingly lonely, worked with refugee and new migrant girls who, by default, cannot exist in our society without wearing a label and have a multitude of friends who have grown up in tough households and battleĀ  mental disorders. On top of that I read the news on the daily…and I live in America. A day filled with too much work and a stressful encounter has never warranted an expulsion of negative emotion for me because it just doesn’t clock as worthy of tears.

The other day I cried. It was only about 1 minute long because I was so happy that I was crying that I got happy again. But it’s a start. I need to flag that I also don’t cry much because I have great coping mechanisms (my number one is dance) and I actually think I was born with a really lucky hormonal balance in my system. So I really don’t want to belittle people who feel like I’ve trivialised their day-today stresses.

Let’s take away goals and look at the journey. No one is immediately good at anything ambitious they set out to do. So whatever you’re excited to achieve in January 2019 you can probably begin implementing with baby steps now right?

For me I want to launch these online courses, so I’ve been hacking away at the content each and every day. I’ve been researching how online courses work and I’ve been learning a lot about patience as I watch youtube tutorials on how to edit.

I want to become an amazing Vogue and heels dancer and I want to be in a professional dance production again in the Indian classical dance styles I trained in growing up. Rather than waiting for next year to jump into it though I’ve begun taking classes and stretching sporadically whenever I get a spare morning. It’s not the kind of 2019 BOOM habit I want to be in but it’s a realistic way to ease into it come January 1.

I also want to look at how Groove Therapy is supposed to grow or shift so rather than putting it in the Vanessa Marian January 1st 2019 diary entry to ponder, I’m musing on the daily to try work it all out so that I can jump into my feelings, intuition and thoughts with ferocity in the new year.

If you haven’t even had the chance to think about what you want to do in 2019, maybe have a little think to yourself for a few minutes now and begin meditating on what kind of baby steps you need to be taking now so that you’re ready come January 1.

If you’re completely stumped then I can’t help but plug dancing more!
Groove Therapy or not, a morning boogie does wonders for me, and I wonder if you’d feel the same? You can totally try class by booking in via our schedule!


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