How to sum up Amy Zhang? Aside from being a professional dancer, movement director and velvet tracksuit enthusiast, Amy Zhang is also our Casting Director and General Manager and the reason for keeping Vanessa sane when there are venues to book, promotions to launch, casting calls to organise and Instagram cat videos to stalk.

On a dance level, Amy is an Australian-born dancer who has completely immersed herself in the global street dance scene by working, teaching, choreographing and performing both nationally and internationally.

Amy is addicted to finding new forms of movement and is constantly combining this with her foundational knowledge of street styles. Her unique movement has caught the eye of many, gaining Amy roles as a feature dancer and movement director for the likes of Cartier x Rita Ora, Nike and Calvin Klein. Most recently, Amy has helped us collaborate with Google to curate an AI dance app that was presented at this years Google I/O annual developer conference in Los Angeles.

Credits aside, Amy believes having a boogie is one of the best ways to improve both mental and physical health. She is passionate about making dance accessible to all walks of life and LOVES facilitating a safe space for people to say “fuck it” and just dance.

Amy currently teaches our regular Zoom classes on Thursdays. Come along.

Convinced that you need to a try a dance class? Book your spot and get on it.