Online dance classes mean you can learn on your own terms.

Our online dance classes give you the ability to pause, rewind and replay at various speeds. Start now and you can grasp multiple dance foundations in as little as 30 days.

Some of the perks

Class on your own terms

Online dance classes let you rewind, replay and pause whenever you like. Plus you get to designate your dance space around your lifestyle and schedule. No need to dress up or feel self-conscious boo.

Bonus Playlists

Once you feel comfortable with online dance the lessons, simply press mute on the videos and practise with one of our bonus curated music playlists. Think Afro-house, jazz, hip hop, funk and more.

Bonus resources

Learn your dance history, and how it became woven into pop-culture. From Janet, to TLC, Vanilla Ice and Will Smith we’ve dropped some serious knowledge and dance inspo in our online dance classes.

From the running man, to the moonwalk, the body roll, basic floor work, smooth footwork and the art of putting it all together into mini-choreographies, this is the ultimate online dance class experience.

Join the thousands of users who have made self-care, movement and mental wellness a priority in their lives by choosing to dance more. This is the perfect series of courses for people who have always wanted to take a dance class but found the idea of stepping into a physical studio too intimidating.