Adult Dance Classes Gold Coast

For a while now we’ve received requests to launch our beginner hip hop dance classes on the Gold Coast. Located in the heart of Southport close to public transport, the Southport Community Centre is our community space choice for our Goldie students. We also made sure to go in there and check the sound system, and it goes off! We’ll make sure the lights are dim and the sound system is turned up whilst we teach you those beginners street dance fundamentals.

Your Gold Coast beginner adult dance class teacher is Ben Bucho Garcia, one of Australia’s most formidable forces in the break dance scene. In fact, he’s so good that he’s repped in the finals for Australia at Redbull BC One and recently won the KOD break dance battles which will fly him off to Korea to compete across the Asia division. Although the term break dance freaks people out, don’t stress. Ben teaches legit beginner grooves and party dances and will have you vibing hard as you soul train through the room. The main thing we’re trying to say here is that whilst you may simply be learning a basic groove, your teacher is casually one of the best dancers in Australia. No big deal guys. We’re not here to mess around.

It’s important to note that we don’t do door sales! We try and keep it simple so that our dance teachers simply have to turn up and tick off the role. Also, turning up on the spot and asking to pay at the door means that class might be sold out which means we will have to turn you away and that’s far too heartbreaking for everyone involved. It’s also really awkward. Let’s not do that. Check the deets below and book online.

Beginner Adult Dance Classes on the Gold Coast

Southport Community Centre
6 Lawson St, Southport

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Want a little practise before you sign up for a beginners Gold Coast class? Check out one of our favourite party dances to teach in beginners class, the Bart Simpson. It’s a nice simple one that builds on the two step. Try a beginners dance class, learn the moves then tell everyone you’re with Groove Therapy when they’re dying over your mad skills on the dance floor.
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