Our Team

Dance Teachers & Professional Dancers

We don’t mess around at Groove Therapy when we hire teachers. Whilst we could just get you anyone that knows how to facilitate a beginners class, we are super picky on all our teachers being legit and respected street dancers in the professional dance scene. Our teachers are more than dance instructors, they have performed/trained/competed across L.A, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Paris, Singapore and Beijing (we could keep going but you get the gist yeah?).

Vanessa Marian: Founder

Although she danced her whole life – both recreationally and as a professional – Vanessa never thought of dancing as a real career.

So instead she got a Law degree, a commerce degree, an interior design diploma and a series of jobs as a brand manager, contemporary dance producer and art director. When none of it stuck, Ness went through an existential crisis and took the only medication she was familiar with – a dance class.

The relief was so instantaneous that she decided more people needed this incredible fix in their life and that’s how Groove Therapy was born.

Upon founding Groove Therapy, Vanessa has been named as an ambassador for the Human Rights and Arts Festival, A finalist for NSW Young Achiever of the Year, Young Social Pioneer 2017 by the Foundation for Young Australians, has been named one of Westpac’s ‘Unstoppable Millennials’ and was one of the six 2016/17 artists to be placed in the City of Sydney Creative Live/Work Space residencies.

Vanessa currently lives between Byron Bay, Australia, and New York as a movement director and freelance dancer, still directing and managing Groove Therapy from the NYC headquarters in SoHo, Manhattan.

Amy Zhang: Director

Amy is an Australian-born  movement artist  that has completely immersed herself in the global street dance scene. Specialising in performance, movement direction and choreography, Amy has found herself sharing her work both nationally and internationally. 

Amy is driven by the idea of dance being a universally understood language. Using dance as her vehicle, she combines her unique eye for aesthetics to bring a new life to movement in all forms of media and live performance. 

Amy is addicted to finding new forms of movement and is constantly combining this with her foundational knowledge of street styles. Amy has been a long standing managing director of Groove Therapy, booking roles through our agency branch as a feature dancer and movement director for the likes of Cartier x Rita Ora, Nike and Calvin Klein.

Most recently, Amy was part of the Groove Therapy team that collaborated with Google to curate an AI dance app that was presented at this years Google I/O annual developer conference in Los Angeles.

Your Groove Therapists

Our Groove Therapists are hand-picked by Vanessa and Amy, often starting out as personal friends.

The reason for being so picky? Just because it’s a beginners class doesn’t meant it needs to be dumbed down or reduced to a gimmick. You are getting legit street dance knowledge whilst having a fun time. Your teachers are pro dancers and the best in the industry whilst also being mega obsessed with teaching foundational grooves.

Want a private lesson on a workshop at your next event? We perform, choreograph and facilitate private workshops at parties, events and special occasions. We’ve done it all, flash mobs, wedding dance private lessons, hens nights, birthdays and everything in between. If you’d like to enquire about hiring us for work then feel free to drop us a line. Let’s dance peeps.

Check out some of our teachers via our Instagram.