Groove Therapy has received such an overwhelming influx of requests for dancers to collaborate on creative projects and events that we’ve grown into a talent agency. In the short time that we’ve been around, we’ve become one of the most well-known names in the dance industry. Groove Therapy is the premium talent agency that represents the underground dance scene. ¬†Our dancers can provide everything from individual talent through to entirely curated and immersive experiences for your next project or event.

Dance Performance 
Groove Therapy is home to a slew of dancers who actively participate, run and represent the street dance community, which nestles us amongst a hub of the best street dancers across the world. Instead of simply booking a model for a campaign, companies are increasingly turning to the beauty of dance by adding kinetic energy, emotion and visceral power to products, campaigns and movements.

Our dancers are diverse in every way. We champion dancers who don’t identify with gender, racial or media-driven beauty constructs. When you book a dancer through us you’re booking the best talent, not just a pretty face who can do a generic high kick. From dancers who represent South-African street footwork, bone-breaking, tutting, popping, gliding, vogue and every boss dance style in between that you haven’t heard of before, we rep it.

Whether you’re looking for performance art, kinetic installations, a dance choreography, an interactive performance piece or talent for a video or photographic stills, we’ve got a movement artist for you. Our talent directory represents our teachers and closest collaborators to date. If you know exactly what you want and don’t see it represented on our page, holla at us anyway! We are connected to the dance community, Australia and worldwide and will definitely be able to find you a dancer for the occasion.

Our Talent Services
– Dance performance
– Movement artists for video and photographic stills
– Choreography
– Workshop Facilitation/teaching classes at your event
– Flash mobs
– Content Creation

Want a dancer? We have a database of over 600 dancers across Australia. The main talent that we use across Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne are below. Feel free to enquire for more deets. Want to see have a quick internet stalk first? All our teachers also work as professional dancers in the industry. Have a squiz.